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The APE Project is divided in two distinct part : the APE Server (availavable in binary and source code), and the APE JavaScript Framework, including all the core functions you will need to handle the server's actions. Lightweight, easy install, download now the version of APE you need!

APE Server

The APE Server is the comet daemon that handles the APE Protocol.

APE Server 1.1.3-DEV (Unstable)

APE Server 1.1.2

APE Server 1.1.1

Careful ! Those package are really outdated! Use only if you need a binary source and can't compile the source code !

APE JavaScript Framework (APE JSF)

The APE Javasrcipt Framework will help you to develop UIs (User Interfaces) for your APE applications.

APE JSF 1.2 (Unstable)


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Open Source

APE Server, APE Javascript Framework and the following demos are OpenSource and released under the GNU Public Licence version 2.